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New Site - How to Get Started

So you have seen that we have a new site. Don't worry, getting going won't be difficult.

If you had an account on the other forums, log in with the same user id information you used there. If your password doesn't work, just use the 'Request new password' option when it presents to you. It will send you a 1-time use password to the e-mail you gave on the old forum so that you can log in.

Two More Bite the Dust

Hell of a weekend for us.

Bit of a struggle on the Stone Guardians, but we powered through.  Then dropped Feng again

On to Gara'jal, and we made quick work of him for our first kill of him.

Feng the Accursed Down

We took out The Stone Guard again, and moved on.  Feng the Accursed was victimized by us after a few attempts.


It wasn't exactly pretty (the arcane phase really sucks) but we managed.  There were even a few people alive when he went down. 

Good Job.  On to the next boss and repeats of these two next week.

New Site, New functionality

I decided to move us to a new site with some new shiny things. (Partly because I was bored, and partly because I broke some stuff doing an upgrade, and a new system would take less time to getup and running than trying to figure out what was broken).

There are a few more things I need to fix but for now, I was able to migrate the majority of our old forum data (with only a few issues such as images and stuff), so we didn't lose all of that.

A lot of the new stuff is WoW focused.

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